Barefoot Missionary

Barefoot Missionary


Moscow, Russia

Yet again it's been a long time since I've posted on here, but with a new mission opportunity in front of us, I think it's time to start writing!

Some of you have probably heard that my husband Tim and I will be headed to Moscow, Russia this summer!  The World Cup is in Moscow from June 14- July 15, and we will be in Russia for two weeks during that time period.  A major sporting event like the World Cup means an increase in forced prostitution and sex trafficking, due to such a large amount of tourists in one place.

And that's where we come in!  We are joining a team from Exodus Cry (an anti-trafficking ministry based in Kansas City, Missouri) to bring light and love to Moscow!  For the duration of the World Cup, we will be having 24/7 worship and prayer, interceding for the end of sex trafficking and for a spiritual awakening in Russia! We will also be involved in various outreaches in areas where sexual exploitation is occurring (strip clubs, online outreaches, outreaches at airports, and prevention at local orphanages, to name a few).

It's been several years since I've travelled internationally, and I'm so excited for Tim's and my first trip together!  I know we are called to impact the nations, and this feels like such a signifiant step for us!

Five years ago, when I was studying about sex trafficking in Amsterdam, I learned a little bit about the sex trade in Moscow.  As I understand it, prostitution is openly advertised within the city limits.  Then at night, to avoid getting caught, pimps and traffickers will bring van loads of girls to wooded areas outside of Moscow.  "Clients" will come to the woods, choose a girl from the line up, and then pay to have sex with her right there.  

From the first time I heard about this, this scene was stuck in my mind and my heart.  In fact, Moscow, Russia is at the top of a back-of-my-Bible-list of places where I want to intercede for the strongholds of sex trafficking to be torn down! So this trip, specifically to this place, feels like God reminding me that even though I haven't travelled for awhile, and even though there have been long seasons of not being actively involved in anti-trafficking work, that THIS is still my calling.  I have been created to be a light in dark places, and my greatest days are in front of me, not behind me!  I have only just begun!

Thank you for praying and supporting us on this journey!  I plan to continue updating on here as we prepare for the trip and hopefully while we are in Moscow as well.  

Love, Abby